Cango Caves Zipline are situated 1 km from the world-renowned Cango Caves.

This is a fun activity for young and old to enjoy.

 There are double lines giving two clients an opportunity to zip together.  The first platform is located near the Cango Caves entrance and is 180m from Platform two, from here guests will take a short walk of approximately 200m to Platform three.  During this walk guests will need to walk down 102 steps to arrive at Platform 3.

The view from Platform 3 is spectacular giving guests an opportunity to take in the majestic scenery of this historic area.  The lines from Platform 3 to 4 includes 500m of thrilling excitement, ending right next to our deli with wrap-around veranda, coffee roaster and wine tasting.

Guests need no experience and will be fitted with full body harnesses, safety helmet and briefed on all safety aspects.  This is an opportunity to enjoy the ride, take in the views and thrill of ‘flying’ across the picturesque fields below.

 Clients have the option to leave their car at the Cango Caves and zip down, we will gladly take them back up with our own shuttle service. Or they can park their car down at Cango Caves Estate and we take them up to the first platform with our own shuttle service.

Children above the age of 5 are also welcome. We do offer Tandems for the children by our fully trained guides.


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