March 1, 2013

Grootkraal is a working farm with pastures supporting a herd of cattle along the banks of the Grobbelaars River.
The bulk of the 117 ha of land is however unsuitable for farming activities, but offers numerous opportunities for easy walks along the shady river banks, or more strenuous walks into the unspoiled mountains near the Cango Caves.

Game encountered on the farm include the odd kudu, grey rhebuck that stand motionless on a rocky outcrop to suddenly spring into action and dart away, pairs of dainty klipspringer that mark the bushes with pheromones produced by glands in the corner of the eyes, otters that play in the river, and of course the elusive caracal and, once in a while, a leopard that roams the mountain ranges. The clear skies, unhampered by street lighting, offer a unique opportunity for stargazing from the rooftop.
Shorter and longer low impact cycle and hiking routes that start and end at the main venue offer an outdoor adventure to more active visitors.
Work has started on a Klein Karoo botanical garden that will eventually host a forest of numerous indigenous aloes and other succulents within easy walking distance from the main venue and Manor House. Plants along shorter walks around the main venue are being tagged.
A wooden structure near the dam allows visitors to enjoy a picnic lunch while watching waterfowl in the dam and river, and more bird and game hides will be erected in secluded spots in the mountain from where visitors can gaze uninterruptedly at the bush and mountain dwellers.

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